News » BI-SENSOR project

Rapid, sensitive, selective, and cost-effective analysis of different biomolecules and microorganisms is crucial in clinical diagnosis and efficient treatment of patients. Hence, there is a growing demand for  decentralized laboratory methodologies which can be implemented in doctor’s office, emergency room or in the field for the analysis of such analytes as DNA, RNA, proteins, antibodies, bacteria, viruses, small compounds etc. Lab-on-a-chip  platforms and miniaturized point-of-care devices based on biosensors fulfill these demands and are foreseen to revolutionize future medical diagnostics. Because of excellent electric and optical properties, graphene has recently found to be highly attractive in biosensing applications, and potentially may thrust new perspectives into the field of miniaturized medical diagnostic devices. The main objective of this project is to develop a multifunctional graphene biosensor for effective electrochemical detection of specific DNA microbial targets in biological samples and blood glucose monitoring. Developed technology will allow fabrication of low cost sensing components for point-of-care diagnosis.
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