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Department of Pathology

Laboratory of Pathology consist of two modernly equipped units: Laboratory of Cytodiagnostics and Laboratory of Histopathology. In everyday work our pathomorphologists use expirience gained in plenty of national, foreign and academic diagnostic laboratories. The histopathological and cytological expertises consistent with the newest standards used in pathological analysis. In cancer diagnostic College of American Pathologists guidelines are used.


Staff work is improved by modernly equipped laboratory used in high quality diagnostic service, which includes:

  • system of automatic staining and covering microscope slides (Leica),

  • modern tissue procesors, microtoms nad other histopathological sample preparation equippment (Leica) (Leica),

  • System BD PrepStainTM – an automatic system for Liquid Base Cytology (BD SurePathTM) preparation (Becton Dickinson),

  • system BD FocalPointTM – system of computer support cytologial screening (only one of its type in Poland), Becton Dickinson ,

  • modern optical microscopes with digital documentation system (Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus),

  • innovative microscope slide scaner Leica SCN400 - only one in the country, histopathological and cytological slide digital documentatnion system (enable to create virtual slide, teleconsulting option) ,

  • modern informatioc system "Pathomorphologist" enables raporting and archive of test results as well as detail settling accounts with clients ,

  • internet support system of access for medicals enables on-line expertise review.


Perform the test from wide range of :

  • cytodiagnostics
  • histopathology
  • immunohistochemistry i histochemistry
  • Fine needle aspiration biopsy
  • selected molecular-genetic tumor marker.




Department of Pathology

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